Messenger Marketing

Because the Importance of Direct Customer Communication Is Growing

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A magic dwells in each beginning: Our website widget makes integrating our messaging solutions into your website a cinch.

The widget displays a list of the messaging services available for your product. Users simply click to select and can instantly access your services.

Customers receive your newsletters on their smartphones and can communicate with your customer support and chatbots.

Our browser backend lets you manage and control updates, user growth and customer satisfaction. Our statistics tool and other features help you reach your goals.

Messenger Marketing

Ongoing digitization in all areas of life has reshaped the ways we communicate. We live in a connected world, always online with our mobile devices and open to business information. Messaging apps have become extremely popular: Almost 70% of German Internet users communicate via messaging services on a daily basis. WhatsApp is top of the list in Germany with more than 39 million users.

Efficient, direct and personal: A comparison of the efficiency of messaging services and traditional communication channels shows the enormous potential of WhatsApp and other messaging apps for your business. There’s no question about the advantages:

  • High click rates
  • High visibility
  • Communication practically in real time
  • Personal, direct customer communication
  • Access to customers at all times

Businesses that use messaging services to send out company news achieve open rates of 90% on average within the first two hours. Click rates are above average as well. 20% to 30% of recipients on average click on links sent via messaging services (depending on sector). No other communication channel boasts similar results. It is no surprise that messaging apps are regarded as the marketing platform of the future. And the future is already here. Let WhatsBroadcast help you shape it.

Make Your Business a Success With Messenger Marketing

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Communication Is Changing

Get in Touch

Contact your customers directly. Fast and personalized. Messaging apps let you communicate with your customers eye-to-eye.

Stay Connected

Companies that take their customers seriously stay connected – and keep that connection direct. Messaging services help you maintain contact without interruption.

Minimize Obstacles

If you want stay connected, you have to minimize communication obstacles. Messaging services are perfect tool for easy communication.

Create Feedback Channels

Good service means being available 24/7. Messaging services keep you available for customer feedback at any time.

Build Trust

You need to build trust if you want access to your customers’ most private communication channels. WhatsBroadcast’s secure technologies can help.

Shape the Future

The future of digital communication is mobile and personalized. Messaging apps and chatbots help shape this future in real time.

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