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Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing FTW

Why Email, Social Media And Co. Are No Competition!


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Messenger User Statistics

Global User Penetration and Statistics.

Messenger & Data Protection

Double-Opt-In, Data Processing Contracts, GDPR & more.

Your First Steps with WhatsBroadcast

How to send your first newsletter
Your First Steps

How to send your first messenger newsletter.

Content Strategy

How to combine content, timing and target group correctly.


The right content for the right target group. How it’s done.

The Perfect Landingpage

How you turn prospects into subscribers.

Gaining Subscribers

Tips & Tricks: How to gain a bigger reach.


General Questions

Do I need a smartphone to use WhatsBroadcast’s service?


How does registration work for subscribers?

Terms of Contract

Are there any obligations? What are the prices?

Product Questions

Everything about Messenger Newsletter, Chatbot Builder and Chat Centre.

Dateschutz (DSGVO) & Messenger Marketing
Data Protection

How is user data protected? To whom does the data belong?

Product Features

Is there an API interface for the WhatsBroadcast system?

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