General Questions

Do I need a smartphone to use WhatsBroadcast’s service?

No, WhatsBroadcast is managed via a browser. You don’t need a smartphone or your own phone number to use WhatsBroadcast. Multiple people can attend to the newsletter simultaneously.

Is there an app for WhatsBroadcast?

There isn’t an app, but you can easily login at my.whatsbroadcast.com . You can also access it from your smartphone. Additionally, you have the ability to send a newsletter anytime from anywhere.

Do I need to use my personal mobile phone number?

No, WhatsBroadcast is intended for business purposes. We give you the personal phone numbers and all the necessary technology needed to reap the benefits of your newsletter and our service.

As a sender, can I use my own personal number?

Our system is highly automatized. Therefore, you can only use phone numbers that we give you to send things.

Please note that you might be able to use more than one phone number for your channel. Depending on the number of subscribers included in your package, you could have several phone numbers.

Are there international phone numbers?

Just like with personal phone numbers, international phone numbers cannot be used. The reason is again due to the highly automatized system that we use. Only through the usage of our personal phone numbers can we provide our high quality customer support.

Can’t I do this manually?

In principle, yes to a certain degree. If you try doing this manually, you will soon find that making broadcast lists yourself is more cumbersome than it needs to be. You will then immediately appreciate the advantages of our service.

What are broadcast lists?

With the help of a broadcast list, you can send a newsletter to all of your recipients simultaneously. The difference to a WhatsApp group is that the recipients don’t know who the other recipients are. The newsletter can only be sent to users who have saved your telephone number in their mobile phones. Therefore, you have to communicate early on to your recipients that they need to save your number in order to facilitate receiving the newsletter.

What is a widget?

A widget is an application field that helps users manage certain features. In our case, the widget allows users to firstly select between different available messaging apps and, subsequently, linkage to their chosen app. An advantage of using widgets is not only the direct linkage but also the dynamic embedding of the particular phone number.

Terms of Contract

Are there any obligations?

No, WhatsBroadcast does not have a minimum contractual period and can easily be cancelled each month. Initially, you can sign up for a 14 day trial account free of charge.

What are the prices?

You can find our current prices here.

What is the payment schedule?

Our billing system ensures that monthly payments occur in advance. You get your bill at your registered email address.

Payment methods:

  • Direct Debit:
    You can save your debit account information under “Settings” > “Account”. For this, there is a specific interface.
  • Wire payment:

    If you don’t want to use direct debit, we kindly request that you wire us the money. The requisite information for this is included in your bill.

  • Payment via PayPal:
    You have the option of using PayPal for your payments. Please note that we add a 5% surcharge for this payment method.

How VAT is Applied:

  • If the billing address is not in Germany but is still within the European Union, you can save your value-added tax identification number. Please go to “settings” > “account” and scroll down. There you will find the relevant interface. Your future bills will be displayed there without VAT included.
  • If your billing address is outside of the European Union, we request that you inform us of this. No VAT is due in this situation.
How can I get a trial account?

Free trial accounts are available to help you get to know our service.

How can I get a trial account?

  • Visit us at: https://www.whatsbroadcast.com/pricing/
  • Scroll down to the Registration section
  • Enter the name you would like to use for your channel and your address here
  • Choose the type of trial access
  • Submit your registration
  • Your registration will be activated after it is checked by our staff
  • You will receive an email informing you of your successful registration – Afterwards, you can register directly at https://my.whatsbroadcast.com/
  • Enjoy testing out our service and good luck!

What conditions apply to using a trial account?

  • Trial accounts are free and without obligation to commit
  • There is no hidden fine print to trap you into paying for a subscription

What features would I have access to with a trial account?

All of our features are available with a trial account.

What are the conditions of a trial account?

  • A trial account is valid for 14 days
  • The number of subscribers is limited to 10
  • A trial account is best used as an opportunity to test out the different functions available with our service

What happens after the expiration of the trial period?

  • You have the opportunity to roll over your trial account into a paid account at any time during the trial period or, at the latest, after 14 days
  • Click on “End test phase”
  • Select the desired subscription and price and order it
  • Please note: Your trial account will be closed after 3 weeks at the latest. If you would like more time to consider our service, please contact us directly at support@whatsbroadcast.com.

Does the trial account automatically convert into a paid account?

No, our trial accounts do not automatically convert into paid accounts. During your 14 day trial period, you have the opportunity to make this conversion.
Simply click on “End trial period” at the top right and choose your desired subscription.
If you choose not to purchase a subscription, your account will be closed at the conclusion of your trial period.

Can I upgrade my subscription at anytime?

Yes, this is possible. If you would like to upgrade your subscription to accommodate growing demand for your channel or to utilize additional features from our service, please write to us at support@whatsbroadcast.com.
One of our sales representatives will promptly contact you to adjust your subscription accordingly.

Can multiple editors work on a channel?

Basically, it is possible to provide access for multiple editors on a channel with all of our subscriptions. Click on the little person icon in the bottom left and proceed to Editor-Management. Here you can add new editors, configure editing privileges and edit existing access to the channel. The number of additional editors available to you is listed in your subscription. To learn more about the costs of additional editors, please click here.

What happens if the number of recipients exceeds that included in the subscription?

Nothing changes regarding the functionality of our service. All users will continue to receive their newsletters and you will not be automatically upgraded to the next price category. When the number of recipients exceeds that of your subscription, you will be charged for all additional subscribers according to the conditions of your subscription. You can find the current price list here.

Can I close my account and reactivate it at a later point?

As a user of our Business or Enterprise subscriptions, you have the option of deactivating your account for your desired duration. During this time, you will be unable to send newsletters or do anything else in our system, but your users will remain in the system. You will be charged one-third of the previous month’s bill during the deactivation period.

How long is the notice period? How can an account be closed?

There is a standard notice period of one month. The contract is automatically extended for another month if it is not terminated by either party no later than 5 days before the end of the contract month.
To close your account, please send an email to support@whatsbroadcast.com including your customer number and your channel name.

You will subsequently receive a confirmation of your cancellation.

Can I keep my number after closing my account?

After your account is closed, the number given to you remains with us and is no longer used. During the contract period, you have the ability to export your users’ data.

Data Protection

How is user data protected? To whom does the data belong?

WhatsBroadcast uses subscriber data only to operate its service. This data is available to the customer whose channel this data is associated with, but WhatsBroadcast will not share this data with third parties. Some data may be visible to employees registered with the subscribed customer.

Are you compliant with the data protection regulation that will begin in May 2018?

We have aligned how we process the data in your contract with the new data protection regulation. Additionally, we recognize the regulations connected with the implementation of this new regulation. Our practices are compliant with the latest regulations.

Why is personal data collected?

Personal data is collected to facilitate both the sending of newsletters via our messaging app and personalized communication with individual subscribers.

What personal data is collected?

We automatically collect the following subscriber data after logging in and store them in our messaging app platform: first and last names, telephone number, region, time zone, gender and all messages sent through our platform as well as which messages were read and clicked on. Additional information provided by individual subscribers is automatically saved.
These data will help you send your subscribers messages in line with their preferences.

Where is the data saved?

The data is stored in Germany with Hetzner.

Where can I retrieve my saved data?

For subscribers: If a subscriber wants to retrieve his/her saved data, he/she needs to send a message with the word ‘PROFILE’.

For customers: At any point, you have the right to obtain more information about your stored personal data, its origin, recipients, and how it is being used. You also can correct, block or delete any data. All of this can be done free of charge. To do this, please contact the address listed on the Impressum on the website.

When and where will my data be deleted?

For subscribers: If a subscriber does not want to receive further messages and would like all personal data deleted, he/she needs to send a message with the words ‘DELETE ALL DATA’.

For customers: At any point, you have the right to obtain more information about your stored personal data, its origin, recipients, and how it is being used. You also can correct, block or delete any data. All of this can be done free of charge. To do this, please contact the address listed on the Impressum on the website.

Does WhatsBroadcast have a double-opt-in?

Registration for the newsletter is done via a double-opt-in confirmation of an internet user:

Subscribers can use the provided sign-in widget to sign in to a channel. When the subscriber clicks on the WhatsApp button, he/she is shown a phone number. The subscriber must store this number in his/her smartphone contacts as this number serves as the sender of your

newsletters. After storing the phone number, the subscriber needs to send a ‘Start’ message to this number via WhatsApp.

To log-in via Insta, just click on the Insta button. This will automatically connect to the Insta app and the subscriber’s desired channel. If Insta is not already installed, the prospective subscriber will be directed to the app store.

If a prospective subscriber clicks on the Telegram button, the Telegram app opens as a result and the corresponding channel is pre-selected. The prospective subscriber only needs to then click ‘Start’.

If a subscriber wants to access a channel via Facebook Messenger, he/she needs to click the Messenger button. Subsequently, the Messenger app will open and the corresponding channel is pre-selected. Depending on the subscriber’s Facebook settings, he/she needs to then write ‘Start’ or click on the ‘Go’ button.

Can users see other users’ data?

No, newsletters sent via messaging apps are done using broadcast lists. When subscribers receive a newsletter, they see it as an individual chat and do not see the newsletters’ other subscribers.

Do we receive our subscribers’ phone numbers?

Yes, the phone numbers are used to identify respective newsletter recipients.

When and where are the timestamps marked?

For subscribers, they will be marked when they register and, if applicable, when they interrupt the delivery of messages. Furthermore, the creation date, dispatch date and delivery date are saved with the messages.

Does WhatsApp allow the service?

So far, there has been no official statement from WhatsApp on this matter. We regularly monitor WhatsApp’s public statements and take note of what they make available for business customers.

Product Features

Is there an API interface for the WhatsBroadcast system? How can it be used?

There is an API interface for our system. The corresponding API documentary can be found at api.whatsbroadcast.com.

Our API enables the use of our tools via your existing CRM system. This eliminates the need to use our user interface. You can also then manage newsletters and individual messages through the systems you normally use.

Who can use the API?

The API is an included feature of the Business and Enterprise packages.

Where do I find the aforementioned API documentary?

Click on ‘Settings’ > ‘API’.
Here you will find the documentary as well as your individual API key.

Can I import/export data?

During the contract period, you can download user data from the system. This is done as a CSV-Export. You can also change selected user features and then import them back into the tool. However, it is not possible to import user phone numbers from outside of our system.

What are categories?

By using categories, you can provide your subscribers with information separated into different topics within your channel. Your subscribers would then be able to not only subscribe to your newsletter but also to receive further information on specific topics of interest.

Example: In addition to its general news articles, a newspaper can offer specific articles for categories like ‘Sports’ and ‘Business’.

What is profiling?

Profiling enables you to add relevant notes and features about your subscribers in their profiles. These can subsequently be used for targeting as well as the distribution of information to target groups.

Example: You ask your subscribers for their shoe sizes and their favorite colors. Afterwards, you are able to send a newsletter to all subscribers with the shoe size 38 and green as their favorite color.

Who can use profiling?

Profiling is included in the Business and Enterprise packages. You can find more information here.

What is the targeting function?

With the help of the targeting function, you can send newsletters to particular target groups that include subscribers based on certain common features. These features can be identified through the Profiling function, helping you to dispatch your information to the right target groups. Target groups can be reviewed and redefined before each dispatch.

Who can use targeting?

The targeting function is included in the Business and Enterprise packages. You can find more information here.

What is invite-a-friend?

The invite-a-friend function gives your subscribers an incentive to introduce friends from their contact lists to your newsletter. To facilitate this, your subscribers receive a message that they can forward to their friends. The message contains a link that serves as a direct invitation to the newsletter.

Who can use invite-a-friend?

Invite-a-friend is included in the Business and Enterprise packages. You can find out more about how you can turn the invite-a-friend function into a prize competition here.

Can I connect an RSS feed?

An RSS feed can be connected to our system to facilitate automatic newsletter distribution. The source is an RSS feed provided and maintained by you, our customer. Once a new article is submitted, the dispatch occurs either automatically or at a time of your choosing.

Who can use automatic dispatches?

Automatic dispatches are included in the Business and Enterprise packages.


How does registration work for subscribers?

Registration for newsletters happens through a double-opt-in:

Subscribers can use the provided sign-in widget to sign in to a channel. When they click on the WhatsApp button, they will be shown a telephone number. This number is associated with the sender of your newsletter and must be stored by your subscribers in their smartphone contacts. Afterwards, your subscribers must send ‘Start’ to this number via WhatsApp.

To log in via Insta, just click on the Insta button. This connects directly to the Insta app and the desired channel. If Insta is not already installed, your prospective subscriber will be redirected to the App-store.

When a subscriber clicks on the Telegram button, the Telegram app opens and the corresponding channel is preselected. The subscriber then has to only click on ‘start’.

To subscribe to a channel over Facebook Messenger, a subscriber needs to click on the Messenger button. This opens the Messenger app and the corresponding channel is preselected. The subscribe then has to only write ‘start’ or click on the ‘Go’ button depending on user Facebook settings.

Is the number of subscribers limited?

No. Theoretically, you can have as many subscribers as you want. Our system takes care of the phone numbers and corresponding resources in the background.

Tip: Please let us know when you are about to conduct a promotion or something similar and expect a user increase of over 1000 per day.

How do I get subscribers and how many can I expect?

Your subscribers register through the widget of your channel. This widget must be displayed through your existing channels, i.e. your website, social media presence, email newsletters, events or other similar forums.

The number of subscribers that you can expect is dependent on your promotion of the new service, of course. Our customers have had success with continuous advertising of their respective channels.

Tip: Please use the widget instead of a sender telephone number when advertising.

What happens to the subscribers when I close my account?

After an account has been closed, all user data will be deleted. As a customer, however, you can export your subscribers’ data during the contract period. With regards to data protection, the continued use of this data is then your responsibility.

What happens if I exceed the number of included subscribers?

Nothing changes regarding the functionality of our service. All users will continue to receive their newsletters and you will not be automatically upgraded to the next price category. When the number of recipients exceeds that of your subscription, you will be charged for all additional subscribers according to the conditions of your subscription. You can find the current price list here.


How exactly do I send a newsletter?

You simply enter your messages (text, pictures, video, etc.) in your online customer interface and choose your delivery time (immediately or at a specified time). Our system takes care of the delivery.

How many newsletters can be sent per day?

We recommend a maximum of 1-3 newsletters per day to avoid being classified as spam by WhatsApp.

Can I send newsletters at specific times?

Yes, you can either send a newsletter immediately or have it sent at a specific date and time. You can find this function in the ‘Newsletter-Text’ box in the dropdown menu.

Can I send a newsletter while on the go (remote newsletters)?

Yes. With the help of the remote newsletter function, you can send a newsletter directly from your mobile phone. To do this, you must provide your phone number in the tool and setup a keyword. It is important that your mobile phone is registered to send newsletters. From now on, you can simply send your newsletters over your WhatsApp channel while on the go.

Can I personalize newsletters?

You cannot personalize newsletters for individual subscribers. However, you can add your name for your subscribers in the chatbot’s individual chat function.

Is there a preview or a test mailing for newsletters?

There is no preview of the newsletter. However, you can use our targeting tool to create a test mailing to a select group of phone numbers, i.e. your own and your colleagues’. Thus, a newsletter can be sent in advance to this group and checked for whether it appears as you would like.

Chat Center

What is the chat center? How can I respond to chats?

In our chat center, you can respond to individual requests. Subscribers can contact you directly via WhatsApp. These messages are displayed in the chat center and can be answered here.


What is the chatbot builder?

The chatbot builder enables you to prepare customized bot responses to user requests. The possibilities are endless, ranging from simple answers to FAQs, or from a request for user characteristics in the context of profiling to our popular invite-a-friend feature.

What are bot templates?

Bot templates are templates that we have made and are available to you. You can copy them into your chatbot builder and personalize them there.

Messaging Apps

What is Insta? Is it Instagram?

Insta is a B2C messaging app designed to enable business to both send newsletters and engage in individual correspondence. It is designed to provide businesses with a mobile communication tool to reach customers.

Prospective subscribers can easily log in via the provided widget in the respective channel. They can also select the desired channel from the app.

Users are completely anonymous.

If you activate messaging apps that you do not want to support or if you have users via Insta that you do not want, please contact us at support@whatsbroadcast.com and we will remove them.

Do you have questions that were not answered in our FAQ section? Please feel free to contact our support team for more information.

 International Sales: +49 (0) 89 – 416 173 140

 DACH Sales: +49 (0) 89 – 416 173 180