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No, that’s not necessary. You operate your WhatsBroadcast channel over our browser interface. You don’t require a smartphone or a even a cell phone number of your own. This way, more than one person can be in charge of your newsletter at the same time.


Not at all. The WhatsBroadcast service is directed at companies. In addition to comprehensive technology, we also supply the service numbers that your channel operates on.


You can terminate your contract with up to five days before the end of each month. And our free test account is completely without obligation. It ends after 14 days if you don’t decide for one of our packages.


You simply enter your messages (text, image, video, etc.) via our online interface and either schedule a date and time for your newsletter or send it out right away. Our system takes care of the rest.


We offer a sign-up widget that is easy to use and convenient. Your customers or fans only need to follow a few simple steps to sign up for your newsletter.


You could – at least to a certain degree. But if you have ever tried, you know how time-consuming it is to manually manage broadcast lists. Our service is a lot more convenient.

What’s Next?
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How do I register a (test) account?

You can get to know our service by registering a free test account.

How do I register a test account?

  • Visit our website:
  • Scroll down to the registration form
  • Enter your channel name and your address
  • Select “Trial Access”
  • Send the registration form
  • Your account will be activated after a member of our staff has checked your registration
  • You will then receive an e-mail and you can log in directly from here:
  • We hope you enjoy your test account!

What conditions apply to the test account?

  • The test account is completely free of charge and without any obligations
  • There is no subscription trap

Which features does the test account include?

  • All features are activated in the test account

What restrictions does the test account have?

  • You can use the test account for 14 days
  • Your channel can have up to 10 subscribers
  • The test account is intended exclusively for trial purposes

What happens after the test?

  • • You can continue using your channel if you register for one of our service packages during or at the end of the 14-day test period
  • Click on “end trial period”
  • After that you can select and buy your package of choice
  • Please note: Your test account will be shut down latest after your test phase. In case you decide on one of our packages later, please contact our support:
What Modes of Payment are available?

Invoices are generated automatically for the following month. Your invoice will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided.

Modes of payment:

  • Payment via direct debit:
    You can edit your direct debit data any time under “Settings” –> „Account”.
    On the bottom of the page you will find the respective form. Direct debit is convenitent, but may not be a good option depending on your countries bank system.
  • Payment via bank transfer:
    If you decide against direct debit or if you live in a country where this option is not available, please settle your invoices via bank transfer. You can find the required bank information on our invoices.
  • Payment via PayPal: Our alternative option for international customers is payment via PayPal.
    Please note that we charge an additional 5% on your invoice amount for this mode of payment.


      • If the invoice address of your account is not in Germany, but within the European Union, you can add your VAT identification number any time.
        To do so, please go to “Settings” –> “Account” and scroll down. There you will find the respective form. Future invoices will not include VAT.
      • If your invoicing address is not in the European Union, please let us know.
In that case, no VAT will be added to your invoices.
Is it possible to create additional logins for a channel?

You can easily create additional users in the customer interface.

Is there an API interface for the WhatsBroadcast system?

Yes, there is a API interface for our system.

You will find the respective documentation here:

How many newsletters should be sent per day?
We recommend you send 1-3 newsletters per day in order not to be classified as spam by WhatsApp.
Is it possible to use different service numbers?

Our system is highly automatized. Therefore, only numbers from our service number pool can be used.

Please also note that there may be more than one service number for your channel. This depends on how many subscribers you have, since the service number switches at a certain number of subscribers to your channel.

What is Insta?

Insta is a B2C messenger, i.e. it is not made for messaging among friends but exclusively for messaging between companies and their customers.

Users can either subscribe for a channel via the respective widget or pick the channel in the app. Subscription for Insta is completely anonymous.

In case you want us to deactivate any messengers that are active for your channel or if you would like us to remove any users that you have won via Insta, please let us know by sending an e-mail to

What are categories

Categories enable you to divide multiple groups for specific subjects within your main channel. Subscribers can choose to receive messages concerning specific subject areas in addition to your general newsletter.

Example:  A daily newspaper offers the categories “Sports“ and “Economics“ in addition to their general messages.

Is there a limit to the number of subscribers?

Not at all. Theoretically, you could have an unlimited number of subscribers.

Our system provides the necessary resources and service numbers in the background.

(Please note: If you are planning a marketing campaign and you expect more than 1,000 new users to subscribe on the same day, please let us know.)

Can I upgrade to a larger package later on?

Yes, that’s possible. If you wish to upgrade – due to more users or because you are interested in additional features that come with a larger package – please write us an e-mail to .

A member of our staff will contact you soon to adjust your account.

How do subscribers sign up for the newsletter?

People who want to receive your newsletter can sign up for it via the widget.

Clicking on the WhatsApp button displays a service number. This number functions as the sender of your newsletters and the subscriber needs to save it to their contacts on their mobile device. The subscriber then needs to send “Start” to this new WhatsApp contact.

In order to subscribe via Insta, a click on the Insta button is sufficient. This click redirects directly to the respective channel in Insta.(If Insta is not yet installed on the user’s device, the click redirects to the app store.)

If a user clicks the Telegram button, the app opens directly and the channel is pre-selected. The subscriber only needs to send “Start”.

If a user opts to receive your newsletter via Facebook Messenger, the app also opens directly and the user only needs to send “Start”.

What about privacy regulations? Who owns the user data?

A double-opt-in procedure is necessary to subscribe to the newsletter (1. Saving the service number to the devices contacts 2. Sending “Start” to this new contact).

The collected data is only used to provide the newsletter service and for you to communicate with individual subscribers. Please read our data privacy document for more information: Privacy Policy

As a service provider WhatsBroadcast GmbH does not own any data The data fully belongs to the users of our service and German data privacy regulations apply.

How di I win subscribers and how many can I expect?

Your customers or fans subscribe to your channel via the widget. You will need to promote your widget in order for prospective subscribers to find it: Your website, social media channels, e-mail newsletters, and events are good examples.

Of course, the number of subscribers largely depends on how much you promote the service. According to our customers, mixed and continuous promotion is a good recipe for success.

Please note: We would like to point out, that you should never communicate a service number for your channel. Always give users the opportunity to use the widget!

How long is the notice period?

The notice period for the Start and the Business package is 1 month. The contract is renewed automatically for another month if it has not been canceled 5 days before the end of the billing period.

Is there anything our FAQ couldn’t answer? We are glad to assist.

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