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How do I turn my test account into a full account?

You can make a productive channel out of your test channel anytime. You don’t have to wait for the 14-day trial period to end.

Simply click on the banner in your customer interface and select a package.

How do I create additional users for a channel?

Our account administration feature allows you to add multiple logins for your colleagues. To do so go to “Settings” –> “Account”.

  • Under “Administration of Accounts” you can see all existing logins and the respective e-mail address.
  • You can also see which channels the login is authorized to operate.

Click “Create New Account” to create additional logins:

  • Select the channel(s) to which you would like to assign the new User.
  • • Select whether you would like the User to be an Admin or not (Admins can create and manage logins).
  • Add your colleague’s e-mail address.
  • Set a password.
  • Click “Create New Account”.

New users can log in as soon as you provide them with their passwords.

Please note: When sending newsletters, the respective login of the person sending the newsletter is protocoled.

How do I cancel an account?

You can cancel your account or individual channels monthly.

In order to do so, please send an e-mail to that includes your customer ID and the channel’s name.

You will then receive a confirmation mail from a member of our staff.


How do I configure the channel profile?

You can individually configure your channel’s profile. To do so please go to “Settings” –> “Settings /Profile”.

The following adjustments are possible from here:

  • Wording of Activation Notification:
    Set the content of your welcome message. Subscribers will receive this message after they have successfully signed up for your newsletter.
    Please note: Date and time are automatically added to the bottom of the welcome message.
  • Wording of Activation Notification Insta-App (only if Insta is active):
    Set the content of your welcome message. Subscribers will receive this message after they have successfully signed up for your newsletter.
  • Treat any first message that a user sends as “Start”:
    Set whether you would like to treat any first message a subscriber may send as “Start” – regardless of the message content.
    If this feature is not active, the message needs to be exactly “Start” for the user to successfully sign up.
  • Channel Name:
    Set the name of your channel. This is also the name that will be displayed in your WhatsApp profile.
    Please note: The name displayed for push notifications depends on the name given to the contact on the user’s device. It is not necessarily the same as the profile name in WhatsApp.
  • Profile Picture:
    Set your channel’s profile picture. This will be displayed as your channel’s WhatsApp profile picture.
  • Status:
    Set the status of your WhatsApp profile.

How do I configure the widget?
  • You can individually adjust the color of your widget and the text that is displayed in it. To do so click on “Widget / Link”.
    • Direct Link to Register:
      The link displayed here opens the registration widget directly. This link can be posted in social networks etc.
    • HTML / iFrame:
      Here you can view your current widget. You can adjust your widget’s design via “Adjust CSS”.
      This is best done by a member of your IT department.
    • Widget Text:
      Set the text displayed in your widget. You can work with HTML commands to modify your widget.
    • Status “Unified”:
      Here you can see which messengers are active for your account.
How does subscription to a newsletter work?

Our widget makes signing up for your WhatsApp newsletter easy and quick.
Simply put the widget on your website or send a widget link directly to prospective subscribers.

The following steps need to be executed in order to subscribe for a newsletter and are accordingly displayed by the widget:

  • Prospective subscriber clicks on “Subscribe”.
  • A mobile number is displayed. This number needs to be added to the user’s telephone book as a named entry.
  • The user needs to send a start message to this contact via WhatsApp.
  • Within the next 45 minutes, the user will receive a subscription confirmation and will be added to a broadcast list.
  • Subscribers can unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter anytime by sending “Stop” and they can initiate the deletion of all their data by sending “Delete all data”.
    They will not receive a confirmation message – no further messages will be sent.


How do I send a newsletter?

Let’s go! You want to send the first newsletter to your subscribers. To do so click on the menu item “Newsletter”.

  • Content:
    Here you can select what your newsletter will contain (Text, Text + Image, etc.).
    You can then write your newsletter text into the respective field. Emojis can be found directly under the text field. Please note: Additional emjis are available if you click on the “..” symbol.
  • Categories:
    If you have activated this feature and are using it, you can select which portion of your subscribers should receive the newsletter.
    (You can see the number of subscribers for the category in brackets.)
  • Scheduled Date:
    Set whether you would like to send out the newsletter right away or at a later point in time.
  • Message History:
    Here you can view your sent and scheduled newsletters as well as their status.

Please note:Please follow our recommendation to send a maximum of 1-3 newsletters per day. A larger number of newsletters per day has shown to displease the subscribers and it also increases the risk of being classified as spam.

How do I reply to one-to-one messages?

Enter a rewarding one-to-one dialog with your subscribers. To do so click on the menu item “One-to-One Messages”.

  • New Messages:
    Unanswered subscriber messages are displayed here.
    You can enter and send your messages via the chat window. Thiss message goes out exclusively to one subscriber.
    You can mark a dialog as “done” by clicking “Answered & Done”.
  • Answered Messages:
    This is where subscriber messages are displayed that have been marked answered & done.
    You can compose and send your messages via the chat window. This message goes out exclusively to one subscriber.

Please note:

  • Our system does not depict one-to-one messages in real time.
  • You can check the user’s status via the color coded status mark on a chat.
    For further information, hover over the respective status mark.
  • You can start and stop users manually via “Start” and “Stop”.
    In addition, you can delete a user from the system by clicking “Delete Data”. The data is deleted with a small delay.

How do I contact the WhatsBroacast support?

You have questions that cannot be answered by these FAQ? Then don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form in your browser interface, via e-mail or via telephone.

  • Click on the menu item “Support” in your user interface.
    We will receive your message directly and with all necessary information.
  • Send us an e-mail to 
    Please provide us with your customer ID and the name of your channel.
  • Call us via +49 (0)89 / 416 173 170.
    Please have your customer ID ready for your telephone call so that we can look into your account directly.

How do I add categories?

With the Categories feature, you can create separate subjects for your channel. This makes it possible for your subscribers to not only sign up for your newsletter, but can also choose to receive messages on specific topics.


  • A newspaper offers the categories “Sports” and “Economy” in addition to their general messages.

Who can use categories?

  • The feature is included in the Business package (up to 3 categories) and the Enterprise package (up to 10 categories).

How do I create categories?

  • To create and manage categories, go to “Settings” –> “Categories / Lists”.
  • Here you can also select whether categories are optional or mandatory for your subscribers.

How do users subscribe to categories?

  • Subscribers receive an automatic welcome message after signing up for the newsletter.
    This message includes an individual link via which they can dynamically select or deselect categories.
  • If a subscriber uses the command “Category” (i.e. sends the word as a message), the individual link to select or deselect categories is re-sent within 45 minutes.

How does the API interface work?

Our API interface allows you to use our tools via your CRM system. This way you don’t have to use our user interface and you can manage your newsletters from within the systems that you are used to.

  • Who can use the API interface?
    The API interface is a feature of our Business and Enterprise packages.
  • Where do I find the API documentation?
    Go to “Settings” –> “API / Interface”.
    There you will find the API documentation as well as your individual API key.

How do I configure the CTR feature?

If you activate our link shortener, the links in your newsletter are automatically shortened. Short links look more appealing in newsletters. In addition, this feature allows us to measure the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the specific link.

You can find the number of clicks on the respective link in the sent newsletters section. The number of clicks is displayed right next to the link.

Who can use this feature?

  • The “URL Shortener / Tracking feature is included in the Business and the Enterprise package.

How do I activate the URL Shortener / Tracking feature?

  • Go to “Settings” –> “URL Shortener & Tracking”. Here you can activate the feature and enter additional GET parameters if you wish.


What is Unified Messenger?

Unified Messenger makes it possible for you to offer your subscribers a larger range of messengers. This way you can win subscribers for your service who prefer alternative messengers. The new Unified Messenger has no negative implications, only advantages – it does not make sending newsletters and messages to your users any more difficult.All messengers can be managed via the familiar WhatsBroadcast user interface. There is no need to individually send out newsletters for each messenger. Your newsletters are automatically sent to all subscribers across the different messengers. One-to-one messaging also works exactly the same as before.

  • Insta:
    Insta is a messenger for business-2-consumer communication developed by our Munich-based partner company Pylba GmbH.
    This messenger is available starting from the Start Package.You can download and test the app for free: Apple Android
    Your Insta Channel setup is finished as soon as you implement the new widget.Benefits: One of your benefits as a customer is enhanced visibility, since your channel is also displayed in the channel selection screen of the app. This way you can win customers via the Insta. Subscribers benefit from the easy handling of the app – especially subscribing to a channel via the new widget is very easy and doesn’t require them to enter a telephone number.
  • Telegram:
    Telegram is the most well-known alternative to WhatsApp and is becoming increasingly more popular.
    This message is available for all packages, including the Start package.Your Telegram channel needs to be manually set up by a WhatsBroadcast staff member. If you are interested in Telegram, please send us a brief e-mail informing us. We will gladly set up a channel for you. This will not cause any costs or inconveniences.Benefits: You benefit from this addition which broadens your messenger range. Your subscribers will appreciate the simple handling of the app and how easy they can sign up for your channel via the new widget.
  • Facebook Messenger:
    The Facebook Messenger, like WhatsApp, is a very popular messenger. The brand name Facebook implies widespread use and high visibility.Benefits: You can add a very popular messenger to your service portfolio. Subscribers benefit from our easy sign-up process and can receive your newsletters via a messenger they use daily.

What is the Search Bot?

What does our Search Bot do?

The Search Bot can output articles and information matching individual user requests.

The Bot presents users with articles over the selected messenger. For the bot to recognize the search term, a hashtag needs to be put in front of the search word. Example: „What are the latest decisions of the #UN?“ or just „#UN“.

The Search Bot is available for all messengers.

What Sources does the Search Bot use?

The Search Bot can either use RSS feeds (up to 10) or it can be connected to the Google search engine on your website.

You have additional Questions that this FAQ section doesn’t answer? We are always glad to assist.

Questions? We are glad to assist.

+49 (0) 89 - 416 173 170