Chat Centre

Innovative customer communication and support in the form of one-to-one chats via WhatsApp and other messengers. Easily manage all customer requests, coordinate editors and effortlessly assign roles in the WhatsBroadcast customer interface.

Our Product, Your Advantages

1:1 Chat

Direct processing of chat requests in the customer interface. Manual subscription management.


Receive notifications in your customer interface concerning each new enquiry immediately via e-mail.

Multiple Agents

Multiple employees with different authorization levels can work together in one account.

Assign Editors

Forward customer enquiries to specialized teams.

User Profiles

Users can be assigned profiles, which can assist the work of the Chat Center support teams.

Predefined Responses

Configure standardized answers for predetermined occasions, such as FAQs or times of absence.

Why deliver customer support functions via Messenger services?

Preferred Channel of Communication

Be available on the customers’ most favoured channel.


Individual and personal communication with customers.

Fast Processing

Assist customers effortlessly and quick.

1 zu 1 Chat Userperspektive

No Waiting Loop

Time delayed customer dialogues but without letting users wait.

Cost-effective and Flexible

More cost-effective than complex CRM systems.


Solve complex difficulties even faster with the help of visual media e.g. images or videos.

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