5 Simple Things To Keep In Mind For Developing Powerful Bot Strategy

Yeah! Messaging revolution is here to stay but, the rise of chatbots will change the overall technology scenario. There are many reasons that signify that bots are exciting not because they are easy to develop but, they are the most powerful of user engagement for business and enterprise. Read more


Messenger Marketing – The Next Big Thing?

The focus of sales and advertising is increasingly shifting to the Internet. Everything is becoming more digital and mobile; you can find everything online and innovations are happening faster. Marketers need keep their finger on the pulse and maintain an overview of new online marketing channels and trends. The changes we are seeing in marketing […]


Car Dealership in Times of Messaging Apps

T-Systems Automotive Lösung im Messenger

Customers expect communication that is personal, direct and authentic. They want to be taken seriously and they want communication via their preferred messaging apps, such as WhatsApp.

The smartphone has become the center of many people’s everyday communication. People are holding their smartphones in their hands on various occasions: they chat, they look up things online, they play games, or they simply surf the web. So why not use modern and innovative channels, such as the messenger WhatsApp, in car retail and servicing to meet customers where they spend most of their digital time?

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