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Bots and messaging as the new platform

They make sure, that our refrigerators won’t run out of food, keep us informed about alternatives, when our flight is delayed, and they know which pizza is our favorite. Bots are ready to take over much of our everyday’s task, and they can handle our most time consuming routine tasks without the need interaction from our side. With the ability to handle a huge variety of business processes, they are already platforms for future businesses today.

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Can bots replace apps?

Bots are the new craze, but what does this mean for apps? With bots being touted as the future of commerce, some think that apps might soon become irrelevant. However, this is far from the only view: there is currently a heated debate about just how the potential competition between bots and apps will play out.

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Overview of Current Chatbot Offerings

The advances in chatbot technology are coming so quickly, it can be hard to keep up. Here, we will give a quick overview of the latest chatbots from platforms like Facebook, Microsoft, Kik, and Slack. Overall, the offerings are impressive, but still have a ways to go before reaching the functionality of Asian conversational interfaces like Line. Read more